Church Staff Development Team

Facilitator: Ramiro Jaime and Allen Tangler




Purpose –  This team will provide the necessary resources requested to provide leadership development among the pastors and church staff of the association.  These development resources will include but will not be limited to training opportunities, pastor and staff retreats, pastor and spouse retreats, personal development, seminary extension, continuing education, etc.

Procedures and Protocol

· Request for leadership development funds will be available only for a sponsoring church.

· Resources for seminary extension and continuing education classes will be budgeted and approved by this team.

· Request for leadership development funds for pastors or staff will be considered on an as needed basis.

· Retreats and fellowships should be encouraged and developed by this team on an ongoing basis.

· The Leadership Development Team will meet at least quarterly.  However, with the advantage of electronics the meeting needs not to be a physical meeting.  The meetings can take place by either a physical meeting, a conference call or by e-mail.  Time and distance and bi-vocational work should not interfere with someone desiring to be on this team.


Team Members:

Chris Webb, facilitator

L.V. Harvey

Danny Henderson

Jackie Henderson

Michael Moore

Ramiro Jaime

Kerry Horn

  July 2021  
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