Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team

Facilitator: Victor Morrison


Missions, Ministry and

Church Planting Team

Purpose - This team is responsible for assisting, encouraging, and resourcing the churches of Colorado Baptist Association for their mission and ministry involvement in their community, the state, or around the world.  They will also assist, encourage, and help resource churches planting new churches.  This team will determine where and how resources will be allocated according to the church’s strategy.

Procedures and Protocol

· Request for funds will be accepted only from a sponsoring church by using the Colorado Baptist Association Funding Request Form.

· All requests require a strategy to show the progression from conception to completion.

· The amount the Mission/Ministry/Church Planting Team grants to the church will be according to the need determined by the strategy and also the amount available to be distributed.

· The local congregation must make some form of an investment as a partner with CBA in order for the Mission/Ministry/Church Planting Team to grant funding for their strategy whether it is mission involvement, ministries, or church planting.

· Regular partnership meetings will be held with church and the Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team to determine the progress of the work of the churches in missions, ministry, and church planting.

· Covenant agreements must be in place and signed by all partners before funds are dispersed for Church Planting requests.

· A regularly scheduled report must be received by the Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team before any funds are dispersed for Church Planting.  This report will be determined by the Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team at the time of the Covenant Agreements.

· Any designated funds committed to a local church must remain committed to that church but will only be dispersed when a partnering church agrees to start the new work.  Those funds will be directed and dispersed by the Mission/Ministry/Church planting Team.


· The Mission/Ministry/Church Planting Team will or may make annual request to the NAMB, BGCT, and SBTC for additional resources per the process and procedures in place by the three organizations mentioned.

· The Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team will submit a proposed budget to the Administration Team by the first week of August each year.  Once the budget is approved, the Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team has the authority to disperse the funds as they deem necessary.

The Missions/Ministry/Church Planting Team will meet quarterly or as needed.  However, with the advantage of electronics the meeting needs not to be a physical meeting.  The meetings can take place by either a physical meeting (at least quarterly), a conference call or by e-mail.  Time and distance and bi-vocational work should not interfere with someone desiring to be on this team.  We will make every effort to include any one that desires to be a team member.  The Team will decide when they will meet.

Team Members:

Louis Rush, facilitator

Tony Gideon

Gary Henneke

Paulette Kirkpatrick

Tony Wishert

  July 2021  
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